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Best paint for plastic car trim

Trim has great importance in identifying a car and differentiate between models. Each model offers different trim containing distinct features and equipment. Sadly, trims are really starting to look a little worse for wear after a good amount of drive. Therefore, it demands painting newly.

Here you may face complexity while looking for the best paint for plastic car trim. Don’t worry; we share our help to figure out the best one, so let’s continue.

How to paint black plastic trim?

Painting black plastic trim isn’t easier to deal with, especially if it is attached to a silver or a white color car. Here we make the process clear.

  1. First, manage 400-grit sandpaper (400-grit) and sand your car’s trim. Hence, that makes the surface rough and nicks or blemishes-free.



2. Now, you may notice a dull surface. So, retake another sandpaper (800-grit) and sand over the surface to get a smooth surface. Then, place the trim beneath the water and rinse properly. Don’t forget to make that dry completely.




3. The paint may spread outside of your car’s trim while spraying. To avoid such issues, you need to place masking tape around your car’s trim. Then, apply the adhesion promoter on your car’s trim and wait for 30 minutes to dry.




Note: Adhesion promoter will make the fresh paint sticky and prevent peeling and flaking.

  1. Now, take the fresh paint and spray 3 or 4 thin coats on the trim. Remember that you need to wait 10 minutes between each time spraying. Plus, you need to take at least 4 hours before handling the trim.

Now take the fresh paint and spray 3


How to paint plastic car trim?

Getting dirt and scratches on a car’s trim isn’t an unusual scenario to face? Don’t worry; you can easily freshen that up by applying a few coats of paints. The following section will guide you on how to continue that task.


Step 1: Clean-up process




  • You can easily apply the coat of paint on your trim after taking it off. So, locate the screws and remove them using a screwdriver.
  • Now, make a solution using liquid dish soap (15 ml) and warm water.
  • After preparing the solution, now take a scouring pad and wet it using soapy water. Then, apply light pressure to scrub the trim. Therefore, all the dirt or grease will be removed. Also, that scrubbing will help to create small abrasions and then make the paint stick better.
  • After finishing the scrubbing, you need to rinse with water to make sure the trim is soap-free.
  • Now, take a lint-free towel and clean the trim carefully. Then, you need to keep the trim in the open air for 1 to 2 hours to make it dry.


Step No. 2: Make ready the work area

The next task is to make a place ready for the paint job. So, choose a hard flat surface and then spread a drop cloth. If you want to keep the cloth in place, you need to keep some heavy items on each corner.

You may know some trim doesn’t allow taking apart. So, what do you do then? For that, you need to cover the nearby area of the trim using masking paper. Also, you need to apply painter’s tape on the edge of the trim. Therefore, the trim will place securely, and the paint won’t get through.

Now, take a can of adhesion promoter and apply a thin coat on both sides.


Step No. 3: Painting the trim

After completing all the preparation, now it’s time to spray the coat of paint. So, take the can and then press the button to apply the paint.

Note: Maintain a distance of about 15 cm or 6 in from the trim while painting. Also, you need to move the can back and forth to ensure a thin and even coating.

After completing the first phase of painting, now take a break for 10 minutes. Then, you need to apply the second coat of paint following the 1st coating.

Painting the Trim
Painting the Trim


One word of caution: If you still notice plastic underneath the coating, you need to apply the third coat.

Now, leave the trim for 1 hour in a well-ventilated area. After that, apply your finger to the painting to see the current status of the painting. If it is sticky, then you are done; otherwise, you need to wait for another 1 hour.

Hopefully, the coating becomes sticky; now, your task is to apply a clear coat enamel to ensure a glossy finish. Once applied, keep it in an open space for 2 to 3 hours to dry.

Best spray paint for automotive plastic

The plastic paint’s application isn’t widespread yet; still, you can see it in manufacturing, craft making, and other sectors. The aftermath of the application will leave a glossy finish on the surface. Also, protection against dirt and other elements doesn’t need to be discussed because you will see yourself.

However, let’s look at the five best plastic spray paints.

1.   Krylon Spray paint

Our listed first top-notch rated Krylon Spray Paint will ensure a clear coating showing no peeling or aging signs. However, let’s see some of its amenities.

Krylon Spray Paint

  • Its smudge-proof and moisture-resistant feature let you use it in humid conditions.
  • The dry time is blissful, it just takes 10 to 15 minutes to touch.
  • It has no rust-resistance capability.

2.   Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum comes up with a variety of spray paints in the market. Among them, Rust-Oleum 327864 is perhaps the top-notch. You can use it for any of your exterior and interior plastic, wood, etc., projects. Here are the rust-oleum trim and bumper paint reviews.




  • It can come with a comfort tip to reduce finger fatigue.
  • The distance covering is up to 12 sq. ft, hopefully, perfect for quick completion.
  • It takes 20 minutes to dry to touch.
  • Wearing a mask and glove is mandatory while using.




3.   Thompsons Spray Paint

Thompson is a well-known name for bringing industry trends and various emerging technology into the spray paint industry. Our following enlisted product is an example of their invention. Here are the features that will strengthen our statement.





  • It can withstand any type of weather. Plus, keep your item safe from water seepage and damage.
  • The coating is waterproof.
  • It offers blissful protection of any deck material.
  • A little pricey.

4.   Dupli-Color Spray Paint

Dupli-Color has been showing its competency as the top-notch spray paint manufacturer for 60 years. Our selected product comes with Fade-X technology. That technology ensures a longer period lasting in both exterior and interior applications. Apart from that, here we point out other features.



  • The dry time to touch is 30 minutes, and the handling requires 1 hour.
  • The application will be easier with its fan spray nozzle.
  • The smell isn’t better.

5.   Plastic Dip Spray Paint

Our selected final product offers multiple ways to apply, like brushing, spraying, and dipping. Not only that, it can protect the coated items from corrosion, acids, slipping, abrasion. Let’s roll our eyes over the additional features.




  • It will withstand any extreme weather.
  • The application process is easier.
  • Here lies a durable rubber coating.
  • It takes a bit more time to dry.


Hopefully, our guidance enlightens the path of finding the best paint for plastic car trim. If you have any queries, let us know, we will try to give a quick reply.