How to Find Good places to take pictures of your car?

Similar to the real estate industry, location has equal importance in car photography. Also, location scouting for photo production is really important because the character of the location will enhance the character of the image and the subject.

Also, it helps to keep your photography to the next level whether it is personally or commercially. Hopefully, you got the importance of the location. So, let’s take down the process of finding good places to take pictures of your car


What is a car photoshoot?

Among the various types of photography, car photography is a bit more challenging. Typically, this type of photoshoot is used in car promotional activities. You may know every car comes with a unique personality. A photographer needs to find out the best and capture to make a stunning photograph. If you can create a successful car photoshoot, hopefully, it will help you to grab the viewer’s emotion.

However, a variety of venues can be used for this photoshoot. For instance, shoot high-profile cars for racing events or shoot popular vehicles for the car magazine. One more important thing is Car photoshoot photo editing after photography of your cars.

How to take pictures of cars for sale?

Let’s explore some cool ideas for car photo shooting.

Step No. 1: Washing:

You know that nobody buys a dirty car, so before going to the photoshoot, you need to wash the car properly in a washing center. After ensuring a brand new look, then head to the second step.

Step No. 2: Proper Location:

The attention herein is like the attention on washing or make-up. Without ensuring a proper location, you can’t shoot a nice car picture. Therefore, the image can’t grab the buyer’s attention.

Step No. 3: Shooting technique

  • First, you can choose the position of the front left ¼ shot. This position will help you capture 25% of the left side while shooting down.
  • Up next, go to the left ¾ shot. This position will let you capture 75% of the side of the car.
  • Now, do the same task as you do for the left side including the front right ¼ shot and a front right ¾ shot.
  • The next task is capturing the front side. In this section, you’re shooting straight down the line of the car so that you can only see the lights and the windshield.
  • Up next, move for the side profile. Now, you can see 100% of the side, hopefully, it will look great when you match it with an outstanding background.
  • At this stage, your job is to capture the back of the car. For this, let’s shoot straight down the back. Here, you only capture the headlights and windshield.
  • Again, you can get the back right ¼ shot. Using this, you can capture 25% of the side of the car. Also, go to the back right ¾ shot to cover 75% of the side of the car from the back.


Some Car photoshoot ideas

Ideas No. 1:

You can try your best to turn the car wheel to ensure the rim is facing the photographer.

Therefore, the car will look better and pleasing to the eye.

Idea No: 2

You can plan for the motion blur. You can get the natural in-camera motion blur by standing stationary next to the roadside while the car drives past you at a fast speed. Note: Better to keep the speed 60 kilometers or 40 miles per hour. If you capture it properly, the car will look nice and sharp. But the car wheel will be blurry.

Idea No. 3:

For this shooting, you need two drivers and two cars and close off the area that you shoot safely. Then, hang your camera outside of the window of your chase car while you shoot the opposite one at about 40 miles per hour.

While shooting, you can set the shutter 1/80 or 1/100 for shutter speed. Using this technique, you can capture a nice and sharp picture. Also, you can decrease the shutter speed to increase the motion blur.



How to find the best car photography locations?

To find out the right location for shooting your car isn’t rocket science. Just a simple technique. First, go to Apple Maps or Google Maps to find some cool locations. You can spot out all the locations using red dots. Google or Apple Map offers a cool feature named 3D mode. This feature lets you get a cool layout of the city. Also, you can zoom in and spin around and high and low the map. Therefore, you can find some cool spots. Using the map, you can see how cool your car’s background will be.

However, if you zoom around the map, you can see little pockets and corners, and areas to select for your car shooting location. If you find any spot on the map, then hard press on the location and add that like the previous one. Then give the name of that location. If you have tons of locations, then you don’t need scrambling. Another fun fact is Google Maps lets you see the street, alleyways using the Google Maps Street View option. You can easily see how exactly the place would look.

How to take good car photos with iPhone?

You can use the native iPhone app to shoot raw. Alternatively, download the Moment app to shoot. This app will unlock a bunch of features that you can use for your purpose. Before the photoshoot, you can change the camera setting. I go to settings of the Camera and go to formats and select My Apple ProRaw. That setting allows you petty insane shoots at higher megapixels than other Sony cameras.

During photo shooting, you should try to keep your highlights properly exposed. You can easily do that by dropping down the exposure meter. Another trick is you can tap on the screen and hold your finger down to ensure auto exposure lock and autofocus lock. Then, you can tap and drag and set the exposure to expose the photo properly. While grabbing a photo, you need to line the car up on the grids and then snap away.

Final Thought

Location plays a significant role to uplift a car’s value. You will find a handful of such places that will make your car photo eye-cache. So, how to find good places to take pictures of your car? Hopefully, our article will teach you a lot regarding your query. However, for your further information, you can knock through the comment section.

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