How to Install LED Lights in Your Veh

How to install led lights in car interior?


Want to uplift your car’s existing style and color? Installing the LED light in the car interior is, hopefully, a splendid solution. Therefore, you can spice up your ride. Interesting to say, the installation process is much easier, and you can do it yourself easily. Here we enlisted easy hacks of how to install LED lights in your vehicle’s interior. So, if you are passionate about this hack, let’s jump into the following discussion.



How to Install LED Lights in Your Vehicle’s Interior?

Here is the easier hack for which you tweak this URL.

Step No. 01: Manage parts

First, determine the light amount based on your vehicle size. You may need to spend a bit more to install. But you can lessen some amount by purchasing online instead of a car shop.

Usually, this interior light kit comes with all the items (power box, velcro, zip ties); Sometimes, you may need to manage a fuse adapter.

Manage parts



Step No. 02: Select the place to install

Now, choose the place where you install the light. Typically, users install the light under the seat, dash, and in both places.

Now, use the fuse box to power the lights.

  • First, take the user manual to locate the fuse box. Now, find out the location of the accessory fuse. It will help to turn on the light when your vehicle is in on mode. Don’t worry; it won’t drain your car’s battery.

First, take the user manual to locate the fuse box



  • After that, you need to locate the fuse panel and remove the existing accessory. Now, take the fuse and place that in the fuse adapter and then insert it into the original place.

After that you need to locate the fuse panel


  • Once you insert the fuse adapter now, take the fuse adapter’s other end and connect it to the power box of the light. Then, take the light and connect it with the power box.




  • Finally, you need to locate a proper grounding point and connect the black wire.





Connecting and Organizing

  • After establishing the connection between the light’s power box and power source, now start routing the wire in the place where you won’t show those.



  • Now, take a velcro and place under each light, and mount to where you want. Our suggested location is driver and passenger footwell, under each seat towards the back seats.




Note: You have better hide all wires to secure the lights; otherwise, those may fall easily after hitting a bump.



  • Now, it’s time to test perfectly whether it offers a blissful result. If any problem occurs, then check all the connections to examine whether all those are tight and fit.



  • Finally, fix the color you like because those lights allow you to change based on your preference.




5 best interior car lights

Today, the market offers various types and models of interior car lights. From those, we pick 5 best; hopefully, you like our choice.

1.   OPT7 Aura Stip Interior Lighting Kit

This interior lighting kit has 4 LED strips. Plus, its flexible properties let you model around anywhere inside your car. To keep it safe from bumps and jumps, it comes with enough glue. The installation time is only 5 minutes. You can easily install that after wiring in the right place and connect the adapter into the charging slot.

1 OPT7-Aura-Stip-Interior-Lighting-Kit


2.   AMBOTHER Underglow Lights

Our 2nd pick comes with 4 LED strips. You can easily wrap around anything because of enough supply. Plus, the package offers 8 preset static colors along with the sound-active mode. The powerful, transparent coating makes this LED light kit withstand any weather. Last, to ensure more sticky, the manufacturer attached double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.




3.    Xprite Car Underglow Light Strips

Our 3rd one offers a brilliant design of brightly colored LEDs, which contain three in one RGB chip. The manufacturer uses a flexible rubber ring to cover the entire product, which makes it waterproof and safe from water-related issues. Also, the coating keeps it safe from any physical damage while driving on gravel roads. Here lies an impressive 8 color presets with different modes like dazzling to dim. The kit size is 45 feet, hopefully, enough to cover an extensive area.

Gove Car Underflow LED Lights




4.   Gove Car Underglow LED Lights

This interior LED light is designed for longer and bigger cars. The 12V voltage is enough to keep it glowing throughout the journey. Hence, you can see the inside items. Interestingly, you can control this LED light using your mobile app through Bluetooth. Therefore, you can set the lighting speed variations, dimness, and brightness. To impress you, this LED light offers 7 scene modes so the user can choose based on their preference.

Gove Car Underglow LED Lights


5.   Wsiiroon Car LED Strip Light

Are you looking for budgeted LED strip lights? You can choose soon Car LED Strip Light because it offers all amenities at a reasonable price. This four-piece LED strip light offers eight different colors, two fade modes, and two jump modes. You can easily install it using its double-sided tape.

Are you looking for the budgeted


Then, insert the plug into the cigarette lighter. Similar to installation, the controlling is also easier. You can use the remote to change the colors and turn on the sound-sensitive function. Interestingly, each strip will serve you 10,000 hours, hopefully, a good time period.



Final Thought

If you work with our hack, hopefully, you can give it a delicate look. If not, don’t worry; the hack is easier to implement. So, we want to wrap up this article on “how to install LED lights in your vehicle’s interior.” Before leaving, we remind you don’t forget to leave your issue in the comment section.


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