Vehicles background replacement

Dear, automotive dealer how is your time going? Today we will discuss on a completely new topics and it is vehicles background replacement service. If we think about its commercial purpose, I would like to say it is highly effective. Creating a realistic photo effect with your car or any other vehicle is extremely important. You need to understand the client that this product is real and it has an appeal.

In this tutorial we will take photo of a car which is done by randomly photo-shoot and then convert it to our desired given car background. Let’s discuss it part by part.

How to cut out the car with pen tool? How to clone the reflective details?
And add the reflection of the sky in your car windows? Let’s explore this mystery!!

Finding the right photo angle

Car Images Editing Services

The same kind of car images needs to stay together with the same image direction. You need to tell the photographer that the camera should be in the same direction. Positioning is extremely important here. Right position of the car makes the images more eye catchy and meaningful.

Car Images Editing Services

From my point of view, I would like to prefer the pen tool for cutting out the object with sharp edges. Now press (Cntrl + Enter) and load the path as a selection. My suggestion is to select the shadow along with the car.

Take the car into a new background

Car images background replacement

Now its time to add the perfect background for the car. Select your business background with appropriate logo, banner or any individual business identity.

Adjusting the perspective of the image pt1

Adjusting the perspective of the image

When you will go for adjusting tweaking is the way to go. The very first thing that we want to do is widen image canvas by going Image > Canvas size and push the image right about 1000 px. You can use free transform and then right click. After that go free transform and stretch the image to the right until the main frame is refilled.

Adjusting the perspective of the image pt2

Car images background replacement

While stretching the background you can use the distort trick like edit>transform and then pull corners to the background image that is needed to be stretched. Note: it is necessary to create a new layer and do some healing in areas where your perspective wrap has created a sharp line.

Build a natural car shadow:
Car images background replacement

Once you have completed the adjustment then its time to create a natural shadow for the car. We can help you to build the appropriate shadow. Our expert car image editing designer team can help you to build natural and artificial shadow of your car or any other vehicle. Firstly, we need to create a shadow effect of your vehicle and then make it precise according to the vehicle image.

Beautification or Color correction:
Car images background replacement

We will do any kind of beautification for your vehicle image. Our team will adjust the brightness and do proper color correction for the images. While changing the car background sometimes it becomes necessary to do the color correction service.

So why do you hesitate! Just visit our site and place your order!