How To Setup Car studio lighting & photograph your Car

How To Setup Car studio lighting and photograph your Car?

It’s a very important and interesting topic to discover over here. We all know about the importance of a good photo, especially those who have an online automotive business. It’s not easy getting amazing photos. You need to invest your time and money in arranging photoshoots as well as editing photos.

So today we will discuss car studio lighting and how to photograph a car for professional use. so, let’s see car studio lighting equipment and processes for car photography. Now we are going to learn about How To Setup Car studio lighting and photograph your Car.

  • Use Studio Lighting for vehicle Photography

Utilize backhanded lighting:

Probably the greatest misstep you could make while shooting vehicles is to utilize direct light. All things considered, utilizing backhanded light will permit you to make delightful inclination lighting and better control the reflections on the outside of the vehicle.


  • Quick shutter speeds are ideal:

Utilizing a quick shade speed will permit you to remove any surrounding light that may affect your shot. On the off chance that you don’t comprehend the connection between shade speed and glimmer. I suggest you watch this class. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are working with nonstop flight. You should work in an obscured studio to forestall the surrounding light affecting the shot.


  • Trench the soft boxes:

Indeed you might need delicate, in any event, lighting, however, soft boxes aren’t the solitary modifiers that will assist you with accomplishing this. You will not see a solitary soft box in both of the vehicles shoots referenced all through this post; however, you will see poly boards and reflectors.

Trench-the-softboxes- How To Setup Car studio lighting and photograph your Car

  • Utilize a tripod:

Even though I attempt to get however much right in-camera as could be expected, there are occurrences in-vehicle photography where it very well might be important to comp a couple of shots together. Fixing your camera on a stand will guarantee every one of your shots line up and assist with making the after creation stage go far smoother.

How To Setup Car studio lighting and photograph your Car

Picking a reasonable photography area :

What would be a good idea for you to pay special attention to when discovering a photographed space in your organization?

  1. Legitimate situating: The area ought to be situated helpfully inside your steering. Particularly when you intend to photo an enormous number of vehicles daily, this is vital. It’s viable to situate the photograph studio close to the vehicle wash/cleaning division. How To Setup Car studio lighting and photograph your Car is the best tips for you.
  1. Entering and exit should be simple: There ought to be no obstructions for every vehicle to drive all through the studio rapidly. With the right programming, you can set the section and leave the position of your vehicles in the turning program. So it doesn’t make any difference if the section position isn’t the right photography position.
  1. Keep away from light: Regular light looks great, however, lamentably it can’t be controlled. With a photography studio, you have full power over lighting.
  1. Down to earth space: Make a foundation and floor that are down to earth inside the ‘grimy environmental factors’ of the car business.

How To Setup Car studio lighting and photograph your Car

The interior of your photography studio:

The better the photograph space, the better the vehicle photographs. For vehicle vendors, the prompt environmental factors of the vehicle are generally significant. The lighting and foundation ought to be impartial and uniform. For huge vehicle vendors, the directing, speed and robotization of the photography interaction and the transfer cycle of photograph series are additionally critical.


A decent photograph space ought to be in an advantageous area inside your organization; it ought not to frustrate your everyday exercises. Moreover, the photograph space ought not to get messy when you are not utilizing it’s anything but a day. A reasonable photograph space ought to have the accompanying 4 components:
  1. Great photography gear in the right positions.
  2. An impartial foundation or back divider.
  3. Legitimate lighting.
  4. A steady and strong vehicle turntable.

All the useful things we tried to discuss for car studio photography from top to bottom briefly. After applying all these things finally, you just need a touch up that will help you get a perfect photo for adorning your websites. A renowned editing service company can compensate for the mistakes of the photographer. This is the clear concept of How To Setup Car studio lighting and photograph your Car.

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