Automotive Dealer images treatment you may need to know

Automotive Dealer images treatment you may need to know!

Automotive dealer image treatment, dealer image background replacement, dealer image retouching all are the same thing to describe over here. This topic isn’t optional anymore. When you are standing in 2021 everything we’re gonna has, everything we are craving for, every business running through online medium. So when it comes to online business a good photo is a must here. An appealing photo has a significant role to reach your online business in another dimension.

Is it possible to get success without an outstanding photo where everything is okay?

Except for a nice photo, there’s no chance of being okay. The thing, the characteristics that make you different from others is the photo. Whether you would get the project or not it will be ensured by the nice editing photo. dealer image treatment is a must for getting success if you’re an automotive dealer.

Only a creative, experienced and responsible retoucher can create an appealing and trustworthy photo for a dealer image treatment. How nice your picture will be, depends upon the retoucher’s capability. An experienced retoucher can easily perceive the guideline and instructions can apply ii very nicely. In the meantime, an inept ordinary retoucher who is a novice in this field will take a lot of time to understand your instruction. let alone applying it. Automotive Dealer image treatment makes your car background replacement service more effective and arranges your inventory perfectly. 

What services lies in dealer image treatment:

1.cut out the image:

Cut out the image means cutting the background out from the image. We do feel like having cut-out images when our clients ask for background replacement service or wanna have a transparent background. there are huge tools for clipping paths. And our retouchers use all the tools as per the photo demands. They use a pen tool, magic wand tool, quick selection tool, quick eraser tool, etc. but among all of them, the pen tool is the best tool for having a neat and clean result. Cut out image is the first step of dealer image treatment.


2. Background replacement service :

We do cut out for applying background replacement. Background replacement is a very popular service. Because most eCommerce websites ask for a white background because the white background is the most effective background that helps your automotive product entice clients’ attention.


And for adding a background at the first cut-out images is needed. you need to make the leading product portable for having the new background.

3. Retouching services :

Retouching service is a full package that a photo demands. you have a photo that is a little bit blurry, pale.  You find scratches, dirt, and color imbalance in your photo. Then you just need to retouch that photo.   We use a lasso tool, patch tool,  healing brush tool, clone stamp tool to retouch a moldy photo. Retouching services are the final touch-up before uploading your photo.

Automotive Dealer images treatment-3


4. Color correction service :

Colour correction is the service I like most.  Suppose, you need to upload your automotive photo for selling but now you don’t have collections of all the colors of automotive products. For a photo shoot or you wanna reduce the cost of a photoshoot at that point color correction can help you most. It also helps you to balance the imbalance of color.



5. Template adding :

It’s not that tough doing it. It will be given by your client to add this to that automotive product. You just need to add it where they want to be added.

Automotive Dealer images treatment 2



6.360-degree car :

It’s an editing process that will show you every portion of the photo. So it will show all the parts by spinning themselves. It’s needing 16 or 17 pictures from a different angle and then you need to add all that portion for having a 360-degree angle.

Automotive Dealer images treatment



6. Photo restoration service :  

Photo restoration is another important service. It’s needed when you wanna get your old and damaged photo back at that moment you need photo restoration service.

Automotive dealer image treatment wants all this treatment I’ve described. they want more than this but I’ve described the highlighted service that is more popular to our clients.

An editing service company can be the best solution for automotive dealer image treatment:

They know well where to touch and where not to. If you hire a retoucher he or she will be an expert in one portion. But if you hire an editing service company then all specialists of all fields will get it from this company.

Before uploading to your e-commerce shop a photo must need a dealer image treatment. Those who have started an online automotive business. But still don’t know the effect of good photos can’t go a long way in this business.

Being careless about photos won’t bring any good results. We would suggest you for your dealer image treatment hire an editing service company and give them the right instructions and will solve all your problems.

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