How to Edit Dealer Inventory Photography for The Digital Inventory View

How to Edit Dealer Inventory Photography for The Digital Inventory View

As any savvy dealer would have had observed, you may have also observed how quickly the car buying behavior is changing. It has quickly switched from the past couple of years, and the internet has played a huge role in influencing consumers buying thoughts and ideas. Creating effective banner ads is also very important to drive a lot more clicks and visit your website. However, the ads only won’t boost sales or build your Dealer Inventory Photography.

 Once the consumer arrives on the website you have, they want to see such information which is clear, easy to find, and a lot more importantly, images that motivate them to take the next big step and visit the dealership. That is what will be covered in the following article.

We will go through the dealer inventory photography editing ways to find the best out of it.


  1. Use Manufacturer Photos As A Reference

What better place to have a reference for your photo editing than the manufacturer’s website? We are not talking about getting a similar quality, but instead reproducing their shot angles, which shows all of the main selling points of the vehicle when it is the talk of the interior and exterior design, key details, and premium features. There are a few rules in photography that all manufacturers follow while they are photographing their vehicles.

Once you are familiar enough with them, you will start noticing the similarities between the photos from a different vehicle model and brand. For example, the photos that re never taken from an eye level.

They will close to the ground or are high above looking down. They see the vehicle in the five main angles that show both sides of the vehicle and the whole back, front, and side.

  • Clipping Path

A clipping path is mostly used to cut out the objects from the background. It is done to get the car out of the original background and fix it in a new one that suits it better and makes it look a lot better. The clipping path is done with the help of the photoshop experts or the designers in the Pen tool in Photoshop. It can help you choose the kind of backgrounds that there are to show your car in its best possible shape.



  • Add Car Template Or A Customized Template

Sometimes the dealers give their store in the front as a background photo, or a few times, the designers need to edit the template or customize it with an adjusting natural store foreground image.


It helps maintain the look of your car image and shows the store that is selling it to advertise your shop and the product you are selling.

  • Adding Car Template And Floor

A few times, the designers have to edit the template by adjusting the Floor of your store. Dealers want the wooden Floor, solid ground floor, tiles floor, or anything they think is better to be shown under their cars. If you also want such a service, you can get it through editing steps in Photoshop.



  • Car Shadow Effect

Adding the shadow effect will help you add a realistic touch in the whole edited image look to look better to the eye and pleasing to your customers. You can edit the images and add shadows underneath your car and give it a highly natural look.



We at Clipping Path Graphics offer all of these services so that you don’t have to deal with photo editing services and focus on something that needs more of your attention.

We Are Offering Many Photo Retouching Services That Involve The Following


Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Services are enough to edit your images and make them set into a new background. Any background that you prefer will set behind your product images. So that you can bring a professional look to them. Clipping Path Graphics will provide you with the most professional and top-notch services of clipping paths. 




Ghost mannequin

When you don’t want your clothing items to have the mannequin in them, you can simply get the ghost mannequin services to remove the dummy from within. Clipping Path Graphics is here to offer you the most professional way to make your clothing images appear in front of your customers online.



Image masking service

Image masking services will help you make graphical art on your images to add more dimension and beauty to your images. Your products look so much better when you add graphics to them. Image masking services by Clipping Path Graphics are the best to bring the best in your images and products.



Shadow and reflection

When there are so many images being taken every second and posted online. You want your products to pop up. To make this happen, We offer shadow and reflection image editing to make your products look highly appealing and attractive.

Most people are always looking forward to product pictures posted online. This is why we will edit your images and make them look the most professional and natural. We have been serving our consumers with the best for a good long while. Also has helped them gain a lot of growth online. We are professionals here to offer you the best services to grow your products online and attract more conversions. To have more sales hire a professional photographer. And get high-end photo retouching services so that your products can look the most attractive.



Focusing more on your product images will be the best way to attract more sales and boost your growth online.

For Dealer Inventory Photography. You can contact us and get all these services at great rates that are easy to handle, hence getting a boost on your feed. 

Meta Description

Creating effective banner ads is also very important to drive a lot more clicks and visit your website. However, the ads only won’t boost sales or build your Dealer Inventory Photography.

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